Mystical Communication Service

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The Flying Dutchman

Mystical Communication Service is a distinguishable music band composed by a collection of eccentric and well-traveled musicians from all corners of the globe and lead by two Venezuelan brothers. The band is an amalgamation of wayward drifters and modern-day mystics, uniting to play their distinctive style of psychedelic-experimental-R&R.

MCS discography’s composed by one EP self-released in 2012, followed by their debut LP– “The Marvelous Space Adventures of John Blue” an instrumental album which musically depicts a story of its fictional protagonist on his own voyage of self-discovery and expanded consciousness, the album was released via Polychrome Sounds in 2014. Their second LP titled “The Fierce People” got published in 2014 via the outstanding Berlin-based music label Bohemian Drips and recorded by the acclaimed rock drummer Tiger Bartelt of KADAVAR which influenced the band providing a metallic and vigorous sound to the tunes. MCS has toured and performed internationally, obtaining positive and strong feedbacks from different audiences, their aim is to deliver good music and connect with people; their motto is “Music’s made with love for love to love people”. After a pause that lasted two years due to a dramatic life-or-death event, the frontman G1 got attacked by a group of criminals causing him severe physical damages and forcing him to stay away from the music scene out of his will. After his recovery, the band has started to recollect old tapes and recording sessions and is planning to release its new material in the forthcoming months.

When listening to MCS expect to hear spiced rock and roll music, absorbing experimental psychedelia, and heartfelt stories of life.

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Line Up:

G1 Pasqualin (Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar)

G2 Moises Pasqualin (Drums & Percussions)

Andreas Miranda (Bass guitar, Keys, Vocals)

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