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The Flying Dutchman

The band started out as a musical pair: Irina and Kim met in 2009 and soon after their first little concerts in numerous Cafés in Luxembourg’s Minett region they recorded a sweet little record, in the privacy of their apartment. Over time they realized that it would be more fun and artistically challenging to have other musicians join the musical adventure. Since then, the musical family has grown and the band IRINA has become a band of many talents. Their music is dynamic, fun and driven by a unique voice. They have mainly been playing all over Luxembourg, with some pit stops in Belgium, France and Italy.

Born out of the encounter between Irina Holzinger (guitar and vocals) and Kim Mersch (guitar and banjolele), the band quickly records a first record, in all intimacy. After a while they wish to be surrounded by a band worth of it’s a name and the musical family gets bigger: Bob Mersch (keys and accordion), Davide Mirizzi (bass), Tom Roilgen (drums) and Erny Sauber (percussion) join the adventure…

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